As we gear up for our performance at the iconic Noho2 Studio TONIGHT, we want to give you an Unreleased Remix and Free Download of Our new single, “Every Second from my EP “Keep On Lovin”. China’s very own DJ Areal Kollen has gifted all of us with a remix of our song! Click the image below to download it for free!

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Photo by Violetta A. Sorcini

“Every Second” was originally entitled “Every Second (of the Night)”, and was shortened one evening with a fine, dull blade. First written as an entry in my journal, “Every Second” was my way of expressing my remorse at losing a very close person with whom I had a relationship in 2010. I lit a candle, grabbed my pen, and over tears and a notebook, and wrote my feelings of sorrow into the words. I had no idea that it would be a song, as I spilled over the paper. On my way to Ed Korn’s studio, frontman of Gentleman Junkie, we were going to work on writing a song. I didn’t know that my journal entry would become a song!

You can see “Every Second” lyrics here: http://violetamoreno.com/every-second/

SHOW DETAILS FOR TONIGHT – NOHO2 STUDIO, 10428 Burbank Blvd, North Holywood, CA 91601 • FREE SHOW • 18+

You can buy the new Single here on iTunes, and the full EP is also there with 6 songs! Thank you for your support!