Hello Blog, it’s You.

As I stare into the eyes of Audrey Hepburn, I’m writing this blog to you. She adorns my calendar, her face kindly asking me to mark down all of my appointments. And yet, I ignore her at times, only to be cajoled by her voice echoing from the movie “Roman Holiday”. I watched it with my mom recently. During the movie, I wondered how I would tell her the secrets and the locked up mysteries that make up my life. Watching my life unfold, as a teenager, I had no privacy. My first loveletters were read by my parents, and I was instructed to break up with my high school sweetheart, because according to our letters, he was a bad influence. They had people keeping an eye on me at school, who reported that I was still dating him against my parents’ will. This was only the beginning! Little did I know, this would affect how I would view my privacy for the rest of my  life. I became secretive, and I was already a quiet and shy girl. The introversion peaked to its highest level. No one can tell. No one can say. What I would be today. If it weren’t for the way, the way. It’s too late. My boyfriend and I eventually eloped to Florida! On a lighter note, I do forgive them and loRoman-Holiday-Posterve them just the same. I’m closing my calendar, and hiding my journals tonight, and I don’t want to hide anymore information, poetry, songs, essays, paintings or secrets from the world any longer. I have realized that this ‘air of secrecy’ has unconsciously bled out not only into my personal life, but also into my public life, and the way I interact.

So I’m writing lyrics in all honesty and painting pottery like it’s telling the true story straight from my heart. Tomorrow, Sat., April 18th, I will be exhibiting new custom-made 3-D artworks at Corazon de Los Angeles Gallery on Olvera St at the Spring Showcase.

Vase Full Layout sm
Creating a faux blast of copper petina, poppies bloom.

Corazon de Los Angeles is located at W-19A (Upstairs) Olvera St, Los Angeles, 90012. https://www.facebook.com/events/750227918429459/ I will also have 4 acrylic paintings on view that echo Impressionistic/expressionistic styles. The show will be on display for a month.