Waking Dream Bits

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I realized that it has been a long time since I fed you your little blog-food, and so here I am again whipping up breakfast for you before 9am:  a new 2016 Nifty Bits Blog.
In a half-sleep, waking hour this morning I was immersed in a new song, with a unique beat. I wasn’t playing the notes, but I was singing them, over a drum beat. Was like a dream, but I knew I was in bed, covers cradling my face, and the dawn peeking in through the slightly opaque curtains. There was something different about the energy in my room, after being gone at my relative’s house for two days, I returned to water my electric blue orchid, though only at a half dose since it didn’t seem to be too dry. Certainly there was a change in my hormones, but something also happened at while I was away. I seem to have had a spiritual awakening again, reading a book on Holistic medicine and the pressure points, among other intertwining subjects. There is a certain clarity that has blossomed in me, perhaps due to this book and the acupressure massages I received from my aunt when I told her I was having muscle pains in my body. Though she is not a licensed masseuse, she has had years of experience with massage, and has opened up my meridians, allowing the chi to flow more freely and bring me back to balance. All this happened at the same time a member of our household was told to move out, due to complications that I cannot go into here at any length. Makes for a cleaner air in the house.
So my dreams were thus more vivid and full of music this morning. I opened up my music program, “Abelton”, and started to record the beat and notes I heard in the waking dream. No words yet, just sounds, and colors.

Most of my songs, in general, start with words and a rhythm in those words, and don’t have a drum beat or notes to them yet. This morning was the opposite : I first heard notes and drum beats, so now I must add the words. And yes, it could very well be just an instrumental song with vague mouth sounds and not words in this song. That is always an option! We will see. The adventure continues. The Great Work is at hand. This little song will be on the upcoming album, “Black Violet” called “Waking Dream” or “Waking Dream: Half Sleep”. Working title!