Rings Around the Lake

Big Bear, October 2014

We all did our fair share of rain dancing recently. On a trip to Big Bear, we noticed the rings around the lake where water used to be. The colors in the changing leaves were not as bright as a wet season would have produced.

And then it came. The November rain. Like tumbling cats and dogs out of the sky. The water crushes parched land. Rocks fall from the canyon tops. Flying down the hill, onto the winding streets. Mud and debris cover the roads in corners and unexpected dugouts. We avoid these as we steer clear on the path. These rains kiss the earth in a drought that seems like a thing of the past. Our conjurations, prayers and rain dances have worked. However, the LA Times tells us different: http://www.latimes.com/local/drought/   With all this rain, we are still in a drought.