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Formed in 2006, Vío, aka Violeta Moreno, is an L.A. based musician and painter. Born in Santa Monica, and raised in California and North Carolina, her sound and artwork has a West and East Coast twist.

Vío has been in the limelight as of recently in a full page ad for Axiis Eyewear inside Runway Magazine, and was also published in Runway TEEN Magazine, reaching globally to millions of readers worldwide.

Appearing on two radio shows just this past season, Vío has been on the move! You can listen and watch for her on “Enter the Shell” and “TU VoZ”. Waves have been made on the air with interviews, track plays, and live performances!

Recently featured as August 2014 Artist of the Month for ADS Records of England, Vío was featured in an interview, while they played her songs from her most recent EP, Keep On Lovin’. They also selected her music video for the single ,”Don’t Say That” as ‘Video of the Month’, after the song was also chosen as song of the month for May.

Vío was also Artist of the Week on NORMALITY RantRadio Industrial, interviewed and aired on 9 stations. In the “Blast Your Music Contest” at Stage Red Studios, Vio made it to the TOP 10 finalists to win studio time. Taking Creative Writing classes from Leila Steinberg (Tupac’s former manager), Vio honed her performance and writing art.

Vio was Coca-Cola’s official model for their milky-sweet, ‘vibrancy’ drink. “We love these model shots from our friend and musical artist Violeta Moreno aka VIO,” writes Coca-Cola. “We also love anyone who shares our name, obviously! Check out the photos and be sure to head over to her Fan Page to listen to her awesome music.”

In the early years, Vío worked as a graphic designer at Sound Choice Karaoke, and recorded her first vocal tracks on lunch break or after hours. After hearing her demo, guitarist, Rick Seamster, from “justincase”, invited her to go on tour with  his side-project, “The Ticket, to sing back-up. Vío obliged, and later teamed up to songwrite with Rick to become the Prince tribute band, Raspberry Cream. She began her early career in stage theater along with church and school choirs, and eventually became a self-taught painter and lyricist. Her cousin, Andy Abad, musician and studio guitarist for artists like Marc Anthony and Benjamin Gibbard, she was inspired by him to pursue music as a serious career.

Vio’s EP, Keep On Lovin’, features collaborations with “Gentleman Junkie” front-man, Ed Korn, Scobra and So High Above the Sky. Look for her new EP, Keep On Lovin’ , available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Download here: